You have a destiny with the Rolex Daytona 116518LN

Several years ago, I got my first watch Longines, she accompanied me for ages, and I love it so much, are not hanger for other watches. However, I got one pics on the magazine – the Rolex D-blue Sea-dweller watch unintentionally, Yeah it makes me fall in love again. Its shining appearance attract me in a sudden. Later I have a try in the Shopping mall, oh I was disappointed because the watch is too big for my wrist, it is not suitable for me, then I don’t wish to buy a new watch any more even replica rolex daytona. Probably I love the Longines very much, I cant accept big dial watches or don’t have other watches can share me the senses of a partner. After I considerate, and at this time, the Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold watch appeared in my eyes when its advertisement in front of the building. I decided it will be my second watch.

See the watch on my wrist, Yeah I love it really. First, the yellow gold cases draw my attention. This is my first time to try a shinning watch. Why I choose the yellow gold watch? I knew something about Gold watch, actually the gold part is different from the gold jewelry well-known for people. In fact, the solid gold cant be used to make the cases, due to the texture is too soft. Some watch called “Gold watch”, not matter what its color, they all made of a kind of alloy( accounting for 750 gold and several different mental casting), this ratio is known as 18K Gold. This is common in Jewelry. The Gold watch is expensive and is fit to cherish as maintenance of value.

Secondly, I was attracted by the Oysterflex rubber strap. I love sports , I will join some outdoor activities like climbing or racing. Every time, I would take off the Logines watch, because It is stainless steel, It cant touch sweat. Now, I have the Rubber strap, I can show myself in what any sports.

More than that, the Chronograph function is really good, and that’s easy to operate. When we start, push the 2 o’clock button, the big seconds will walk, If we need to stop, push the 4 o’clock button, you will know how much time passed. And It can measure not even seconds, but also minutes, hours. Therefore, that’s convenient when Im outdoor. And sometimes I wear it to a party or meeting, I got many compliments from friends colleagues. I think this is a good shopping on the Rolex Daytona Yellow gold model.

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