Why You Should Buy A Cartier Watch

Cartier’s elegant, timeless designs have always kept the perfect balance of form and function. In 1904, Louis Cartier made the first men’s wristwatch, the Cartier Santos. Ever since this accomplishment, Cartier has created innovative and elegant watches for both men and women.

The Cartier Santos might be the brand’s most iconic model. At the turn of the 20th century, legendary aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont had a small request for his friend, Louis Cartier. The pilot needed a timepiece that wouldn’t get in the way while he was flying his aircrafts. So, Louis Cartier obliged and presented him with a watch to be attached to the wrist via a leather band and buckle. And the world’s first pilot wristwatch was born. During a time when men only sported pocket watches, a men’s wristwatch was certainly progressive! And over a hundred years later, the Santos remains as one of the most popular Cartier watches for men. The uniquely shaped case is square with rounded corners and oversized screw. Santos watches are available with either a leather strap or metal bands and can easily be used as a casual watch or a dress watch. There are three different Cartier Santos collections: the Santos de Cartier Galbee, the Santos-Dumont, and the Cartier Santos 100 replica.

For Cartier, one of the themes of the year 2017 is the mystery clock, a concept that they have now transferred to watches. The Rotonde De Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Hour Watch sets the hour and minute hands floating in space; the Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon instead showcases the tourbillon which rotates in a circular well, with no apparent connection to the rest of the movement. Another work of art by Carole Forestier-Kasapi, Head of Fine Watchmaking at Cartier, and her team. The movement is on display both front and back, and at the bottom of the watch the two hammers are in full view. In a case 45 mm in diameter and just 11.15 mm thick, Cartier have combined the mysterious tourbillon with another complication, the minute repeater, in a calibre that has 45 jewels and 448 components.

There are so many Cartier watches for men to choose from. With a variety of shapes, functions, and materials, there’s the perfect men’s Cartier watch out there for any wrist. Take advantage of replica men’s Cartier watches at fantastic prices. Replica Cartier watches look as good as the real Cartier. No one would know that you are only wearing a replica watch.

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