Rolex Watches: Review on the Branded New Air King Watch Launched in 2016

For those watches fans who are keeping an eye on the watches for a long time, the Rolex Air-king series watches are not strange for them, it can simply said that Rolex Air-king is watch suggestion for those people who get into the Rolex brand. Here we are to take a review on the Branded New Air King Watch Launched in 2016.

Platinum Benz Pointers

Benz Pointers are not only applied in the branded new Rolex Air King watches, as you can see it in the Rolex Explorer and Rolex Submariner watches, but it is the first time that is designed in the Rolex Air King watches, and for the platinum Benz pointers design for the Air King watches cannot be good or bad, as for those people who like Benz, they surely will think it is great. It is a new trial after the rebirth of the Rolex Air King watch.

Double-color Logo

The watch with double color LOGO design is unique in the history of ROLEX, this is the first time for fake rolexes for sale that uses golden crown LOGO and green Rolex words, from which we also can see that ROLEX brand is looking forward to this Air King Wrist Watch, and will it be the next Rolex Submariner watch?


This is the first antimagnetic watch in the Rolex Air King watches, even though its antimagnetic ability is just simply introduced by the official news, for a variety Rolex fans, they will not ignore this characteristic, will it be more attractive than the Rolex Milgauss watch? For the new Air King watch, when compared with Milgauss, the biggest advantage of the Milguass is its lightening pointer design, and there is no obvious advantages in other aspects, but the price is more higher than that of the Air King watches, so for most watches fans, the branded new Rolex Air King watch will be a serious threat for the Rolex Milgauss watch.

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