A Vintage Watch- A Worthwhile Investment For You

A vintage watch is a remarkable work of craftsmanship; The value of vintage watches is rising as more people seek an alternative to modern, high-tech gadgets. In November 2014 the world’s most expensive watch – the Patek Philippe Graves Super complication – was sold at auction for approximately £13.4m. It was previously sold in 1999 for approximately £10m – certainly then, a worthwhile investment.

When it comes to buying a vintage watch perhaps at auction, the story of the watch is often worth more than the actual timepiece. For example, if a watch was previously owned by a public figure or celebrity, it will be inevitably worth more. However, a vintage watch need not have been owned by Einstein to emanate a sense of nostalgia and old charm. A watch that has been loved by a previous owner offers an air of mystery and depth that’s sometimes lacking in a brand new watch.

Thanks to the trend towards “vintage-inspired” new watches combined with the relatively slow pace of the Swiss watch industry, vintage pieces can look as modern (or as dated) as you prefer. Much like the styling, most of the underlying technology is not only similar and just as effective as today’s movements, but can often be found for a fraction of the cost. What’s more, a quality vintage watch has been made using the finest materials is built to last so, providing it has been well cared for, the watch should serve you well for many years.

Timepieces from top makers such as Rolex and Patek Philippe lead the vintage watch market. For many people, the Datejust is Rolex. Debuting in 1945 with the ref. 4467, it was launched to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the company. It has been in constant production ever since. On its release, it married the two ground breaking revolutions that had put the Rolex name on the map. Then it added a third: housing the Perpetual movement inside the Oyster case. Now, it became the first waterproof, automatically-winding wristwatch to also display a date aperture. Other makers whose watches are going up in value include Replica Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Breitling, Cartier, TAG Heuer, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Söhne, Seiko, Tissot and Omega.

Swiss Watch: IWC Portofino IW353312 Review

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IWC Portofino series is elegant with modern style, and it is named after Italian Portofino, implying the meaning of comfortable and leisurely better life. IWC Portofino IW353312 has an imposing appearance and outstanding performance, which is a great watch suitable for leisure vacation, business travel and conference hall.

IWC Portofino series watch is positioned as the gentlemen who enjoy the comfortable life must be able to seize every moment of relaxation time and let the heart at ease. IWC Portofino is in the name of a resort which is full of romance to show the lift attitude, among which the IW353312 is one of the representatives.

The appearance of the IWC Portofino IW353312 is concise and simple without any luxury modification, and it sets the pure white as the main color tone of the watch dial, to promote the pure color of the naturalism, which reflects the pursuit of the simple and good life artistic conception and reflect its brand location. The round watch case is made of stainless steel, and has dealt with the polishing processing to show the effect of the watch mirror to make the mental luster send out shine.

The watch dial layout is simple, and all scales are replaced with the short lines, whose contracted beauty is self-evident, especially the big three pointers, three Pointers are candy-bar-shaped pointers, which give a person the sense with precision and chic; the dial surface has been remarkable in beautiful lines, and the small window calendar adds some dynamic elements to the simple dial surface. The overall appearance is concise and elegant, peaceful and natural, and it reveals the gentleman temperament in its low-key feature, which can be the self-disciplined gentleman in the IWC series watches. IWC Portofino IW353312 watch in general is very low-key and calm, and the overall is so simple but practical, which is worthy your buying!

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